Custom Cake Ordering 

Planning for a special event can be quite stressful.  Ordering your centerpiece for an upcoming event can be intimidating, but not to worry.  We're here to make the experience as easy and pleasurable as possible.  

Getting ready to order a custom cake:

  1. How many people will you be serving?  Set your budget based on $3.50 - $5.00 per person.  

  2. What flavor or flavors would you like?  Chocolate and Vanilla are generally good cake choices for larger groups.

  3. What is the theme of your event?  This can be a themed birthday party, a corporate colors/logos, or a holiday.  

  4. Do you want to mimic cakes you've seen online, or do you want to discuss your theme and let our cake artist be creative?

  5. Do you expect guests with any dietary restrictions?  If so, providing some gluten free or vegan dessert options will ensure everybody enjoys the desserts.

Once you've answered these 5 questions you're ready to order your cake.  

Sweet Cakes Bakery

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