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Elizabeth Kovacs

After several attempts at making it myself, and trips to several bakeries, I have never been able to replicate my wedding cake until I discovered SweetCakes' lemon-filled cupcakes. Vanilla buttercream icing and lemon curd perfection. For all other occasions, I usually purchase SweetCakes' assorted mini cupcakes which are like a box of chocolate to share, but for our anniversary, I get the regular (huge!) size lemon cupcakes for the perfect anniversary celebration!


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Candee Holt Newsome

We were hosting a party for 200+ people and the day prior our cake person had to back out on us. We went straight to SweetCakes and they saved the day! Not only did they help us in a bind but were more than pleased to help us! Thank you sweet cakes!

Customer for life!!

Oh yea- and the cupcakes are the best!!


Greg & Crissy Humble

My family loves SweetCakes Bakery!! We love to go in for a special treat, there is always something to fulfill our cravings... This past April we celebrated our daughter's first birthday and we got our cake from SweetCakes Bakery! It was the hit of the party and everyone wanted to know who made it. We chose to have the cake built out of cupcakes made into a shape of a cupcake as that is what we called our little girl before she was born. It turned out beautiful!!!

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Elizabeth Kidd

Your cupcakes were served at both of my baby showers! Thank you for making such an exciting time even more special!